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Event Schedule

Designated Cultural Heritage Ceremonies

Designated Event


Experience Events

  • Parking of the Danoje Festival sacred liquor
  • Drawing Dano talismans
  • Making and eating Surichwi rice cakes
  • Stamping the 12 zodiacal symbols
  • Drawing masks of the Gwanno Mask Drama and Dano fans
  • Washing one's hair in iris water
  • Making the iris hairpins

Local Cultural Events

  • Farmers' music contest
  • Farmers' music contest for children
  • Farmers' music performance
  • Haksan Odokddegi performance
  • Hapyeong Dapgyonori

Important Intangible Culture Heritage Performance

Korea Folklore Performances

World Invitation Performances

Other Entnts

Tug-of-war(Juldarigi), Korean wrestling(Ssireum) contest, Swing(Geune) contest,Korean poetry(sijo) reciting contest, Dialect Contest, Throwing arrow(Tuho) game,Four Instruments play(Samulnori) contest, Janggi game, Photo contest, Painting contest, etc.

210-932, 1 Danojang-ro, Gangneung City, Gangwon Province, Republic of Korea ☎ TEL +82-33-641-1593