Designated Cultural Heritage Ceremonies

Designated Event

Experience Events
  • Sampling Sinju and Surichwitteok) 
  • Washing hair in sweet flag-infused water 
  • Drawing a gwanno(government slave) mask and making a gwanno mask necklace
  • Drawing on a fan 
  • Coloring a Dano postcard 
  • Making a paper Gwanno doll 
  • Tasting traditional tea 
  • Wearing Dano clothes 
  • Making Danno badges
  • Sinju coupon(to get sinju) 

Local Cultural Events 

  • Farmers' music contest
  • Farmers' music contest for children
  • Farmers' music performance
  • Haksan Odokddegi performance
  • Hapyeong Dapgyonori

Important Intangible Culture Heritage Performance

Korea Folklore Performances

World Invitation Performances

Other Events

Tug-of-war(Juldarigi), Korean wrestling(Ssireum) contest, Swing(Geune) contest,Korean poetry(sijo) reciting contest, Dialect Contest, Throwing arrow(Tuho) game,Four Instruments play(Samulnori) contest, Photo contest, Painting contest, etc.